Snow Day


This is IT for winter. I’m calling it! Lets just let it go out with this one, shall we Winter? Took a snow day today, and I’m hoping that will be all for the season. Wearing Jimmy Choo Hunter Wellies, cut offs from Urband Outfitters and jacket scarf and sweater from my favorite go to […]


War haute-3

Ever since high school I’ve always had a thing for fatigues and army gear. When I wear these it’s like I’m wearing war paint; tough and ready for battle. I threw on some pumps for a feminine twist, but otherwise I love to slinging around in them wearing my Js. I got these from Urban […]

Let It Fro


My favorite winter accessory…my Jimmy Choo Hunter wellies. Let it froooooooooooooooo! (and snow) Winter in full swing. Always dreaded this season but I guess I’m finally getting used to it after 28 years. It finally wore me down. Brushed out the curls here…I’m diggin’ this look. Stay warm y’all! Yan xx

Lunch Date

Lunch Dtae-8

Oh just looking at the window washers heckle at us. Hahaha I love DC.  Just a few snaps of a Pilot Suit I got from H&M. Bought it a few months back and forgot about it. H&M is a fav of mine. This is the second $20 jumpsuit I’ve gotten from there that I absolutely […]

Two Thousand Fourt..


Just a few snaps of my year in fashion. After looking through these I can see and marked improvement in my photography. I’ve learned so much about myself and LIFE this year. Cheers and best wishes for 2015!! Yan xx