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Dancing With Shadows {The Nutcracker 2011}

So this year is the first of many Nutcrkaer Ballets Zoë and I will attend. I thought it to be the perfect opportunity to break out my new Giuseppe Zanotti’s. These are my absolute favorite shoes….EVER! {I smell the box from time to time…am I weird??}   This outfit is kind of “costume-y” but it’s fitting for the occasion and […]

Almost White….. Christmas Eve

Just a couple snaps of my outfit today.  I was window shopping down to the last second as you can see. I’m here in Georgetown freezing my backside off (literally!)  I bought this outfit to wear to the holiday party at work, but I couldn’t go because Hubs was sick. I basically was way over dressed for a lunch […]

Dalmatian von Furstenburg

Seems I have a thing for cute little jackets…….  These were taken back in September. I would have to do a thicker tight or legging if I were to wear these now because it’s coooold these days . Actually, I’ve been  wanting to wear this with riding pants and a flat boot.  Jacket: Diane von […]

Winter Neutrals @ Golden Hour

It took me years to adjust to the winters in North American , and up until my early twenties I hated it. But then I got into fashion and I realized that fall/winter are some of the best months because you have to layer to keep warm. Just another example of how fashion helps me cope with the throws […]

Ode to Audrey…

Dear Audrey, Every time I see a photograph of  your beautiful face and graceful figure it inspires me. Have we met?Perhaps in a former life? You’ve taught us to embrace our faces, every angle and every flaw, how to sing and laugh, and demand with our eyes… But most importantly, you’ve shown us how to handle life with grace, […]