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Snowy Roses

Funny, by the time the first snow comes, I’m already over winter and dreaming of spring… I thought I’d be wearing these jeans around March, but what the hell. The fit is just out of this world, they’re actually a high waisted skinny, but with a little give at the ankle to roll up. I saw them […]

Where have I been?

No, I’m not dead! I feel revived actually, notice anything different? Well, I chopped my hair off last night {again}. I went about 4 months post cut and had a nice little mini almost but not quite “bob” going. I’ve been playing around with some clip in extensions and thought I wanted to grow my hair out again. […]

MYDC – 2011 Review

   This isn’t a very comprehensive review {since I’ve only been blogging/documenting for 3 months}, but still…. Here are my favorite looks from last year. 2012 is going to be a great year.  I said it, and it shall be so! Yan

Dinner At The Green’s {New Years Day 2012}** Preview

Going to a dinner party tonight hosted by a dear friend of mine… she introduced me to Hubs some 12 years ago after he pestered her for weeks!! Its a funny story actually.  Loads of laughs in store. Here we have a few of my Christmas gifts: The mirrored accent table and rose gold watch {Michael Kors} from […]