3 Dives

3 dives-2last foot-3feet-2feetBarefoot sandals from ForeverSoles.

I wanted to spend some time doing absolutely nothing, so after manditory beach time, I took a nice warm bath, got pretty and walked around the hotel grounds, rum punch in hand. I love walking around barefooted. I have fat, wide feet and they are happiest this way. These baefoot sandals were perfect for the task. They give a little jingle when you walk. I discovered a  gingerlilly bed (post coming soon). These are my favorite lilies!  They aren’t very fragrant (ever so slightly), but the blossoms are so striking, intricate and resilient…kinda like me? I grew up with these flowers in my garden and they are a favorite amongst local landscapers on the island.

3 dives-6On my way to dinner in a taxi and I saw these beauuuuutiful humungous LEAVES! I had to stop and snap a pic. Where’s my bag?  We should play a “Where’s Waldo?” type of game with his Marc Jacobs bag. I’ve wore it with almost every single outfit this summer! MVP for sure. The pictures below are of me lounging around acting like a fancy tourist at 3 Dives Resturant. Best meal in Negril. (That I had during this stay. There are a least a dozen places I have yet to try.) The jerk sauce rivals any I’ve ever tried. It came to me WARM. I ordered the lobster and the jerk chicken. I didn’t intend on eating it all, just wanted to sample the two. I was putting the jerk sauce on the lobster by the end of it. The callaloo and “rice and peas” were the perfect accompaniment. Right before I finished up, I heard a familiar whistle growing louder by the second. I knew it was the peanut man. I  jumped up  and hustled to street to catch him. Score! Peanut goodies for my night cap. What you see below are peanut brittle and roasted peanuts, and that little metal cart is the roasting trolly. Every neighborhood in Jamaica has a Peanut Man with a similar whistling roasting trolly. It’s like the ice cream truck in The States.
3 dives-73 dives-83dive 3 dives-12 3 dives-13 3 dives-15 3 dives-16peanut 3 dives-17 3 dives-18The currency exchange is about $1/$100, so just move the decimal 2 stops to the left. That lobster dinner was only $30! 1.5 lobsters, freshly caught and prepared. You must time your visit to 3 Dives. I got there way to early (around 6). The Chef takes all the orders at once, as he prepares the meals at the same time. He’s a hard working man. No worries, because I took in one of the most spectacular sunsets of my life. You see, the thing about Negril is…(see below).

More posts coming…

Later, Yan xx

3 dives-10

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