Air Force Yan


I think I dreamed up this pilot suit. I was looking for one for WEEKS at the local army surplus stores and couldn’t find one. Went to Zara and there she was….on sale too!!! Love it when that happens. Thought it was the perfect outfit for today as it was barley 80 degrees and breezy. Fall preview for sure. During the colder months I’m sure I can thrown a shirt on underneath, or a leather biker jacket…endless possibilities. Did I mention it’s on sale??!!!!! I CLEANED UP at the Zara sale last week. I’m going on vacation next month and was happy to get most pieces for $40 or less. Head on over there (here) and see what’s up. So yea, the curls are back and here to stay!!


Jumpsuit and Shoes: Zara Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs Cuff: Ann Taylor (on sale!) I bought 2! airforce-4 airforce-8 airforce-5 airforce-7 airforceairforce-2 airforce-3

With flats…so incredible comfy. You know you need your flats to walk to work from the metro. Or, at least I do. It literally HURTS my eyeballs when I see you ladies struggling in those stilettos walking from the metro to your office. Like, how y’all do that??

Later Guys!

Yan xx

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  1. MyMyMolly says:

    If you dont mind providing info… Is this the heatfree hair? Also is it For Kinks or For Curls and what lenght did you use… Looks so natural!!!

    • Hey There!!! Thanks so much! This style would be For Koils. You can get it super defined with product or fizz it out for a more natural look. This length is 20 inches. They don’t keep things stocked up all the time, but I just checked and they are in stock right now. You’ll need 3 packs if you’re going to do a full sew in, $199 per pack.

  2. MyMyMolly says:

    OMG… Hair… Servin… Looks amazaing!

  3. I’m loving this jumpsuit. Fits you perfectly, and I love the way you styled it…both ways. That hair is on point too! 😉