All Black Heroine

black-4 black-3 black black-2 black-5black-6 black-7 black-9 Skirt: Giorgio Armani Similar ones Here and Here , Jacket: The Gap, Boots: Zara, Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag: Michael Kors, Lips: Riri Boy (Riri Hearts MAC Collection) Sunnies: Prada

Black….I’m falling in love with black again. Now I know why my husband’s closet is mostly all black. It’s so easy. I love this Riri Boy lip color and I was able to snag a tube of it during the mad dash when it came out this past summer. It’s sold out as it was part of a limited collection, but don’t fret! Heroine…a color very similar, possibly even more wearable and prettier is back! MAC cosmetics decided, by popular demand I’m sure, to add it to their permanent collection. Get a tube from the website here. I think you’ll be able to buy it at MAC counters later on this month. I really need the Heroine liner for this Riri Boy ‘stick, but I haven’t seen that as of yet on the site. I’m wearing a MAC liner called  “Magenta”. It does OK.

Are you guys almost finished with Holiday shopping? The Friday before Christmas is my Black Friday so my outfit today is fitting. Hehe. You know, everybody always bashes gift giving at holiday time, saying it’s a distraction from the “real meaning of Christmas”. I happen to think it’s a good way for me to NOT think about myself. I focus on the giving. And even though reluctantly at times, at least I’m doing it! If you don’t hear from me ’til after…HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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  1. Tracy says:

    The hair, the outfit, the attitude? FIERCE!

  2. keyonna says:

    I have the same exact boots but mine are jessica simpson