Blow Out

datenite-11 datenite-10
datenite-6 datenite-5
datenite-3 datenite-2 dateniteI’m so bored…with my hair and all my clothes. I gotta work something out. Wearing crop top from H&M, Zara skirt and booties, Jordans, and denim short from Madewell. Flat out Fabulous lippie from MAC. Kicked around today in this ‘fit, then throw on my booties for a quick date night. I haven’t been shooting much because I’ve been wearing mostly sweats and jogging pants. I’m training for my first 5k taking place next moth in DC. Love what its doing for my legs!! No I didn’t relax my hair, this is just a really good blow out with mostly extensions. I miss my curls, but not the day to day maintenance. They’ll be back soon enough, I almost didn’t recognize myself in these pics. Haha



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