Blush Tone Birthday

It’s my birthday today! …and I’m blushing figuratively and literally with this outfit! -Yan X

Vodka Lime Body Scrub (Lush Ocean Salt Dupe)

Lush’s Ocean Salt scrub, LOVE it, HATE the price. After reading the ingredients, I thought, “How hard it this to make?!” I didn’t duplicate the ingredients exactly, I simplified it and got the same (maybe even better) results.   My version is more moisturizing.  I intended to use regular coconut oil, but this is what […]

Blow Out

I’m so bored…with my hair and all my clothes. I gotta work something out. Wearing crop top from H&M, Zara skirt and booties, Jordans, and denim short from Madewell. Flat out Fabulous lippie from MAC. Kicked around today in this ‘fit, then throw on my booties for a quick date night. I haven’t been shooting […]

Spring Thaw

Wearing Teeshirt dress and peplum top  from Zara (here and here), BCBG booties. I mad at the weather. Bring ya ass Spring! First time I got to really feel the sun in a long time, but it’ll be 40 degrees tomorrow or something crazy like that. I’m buying this dress in every color.  Can’t wait […]

Snow Day

This is IT for winter. I’m calling it! Lets just let it go out with this one, shall we Winter? Took a snow day today, and I’m hoping that will be all for the season. Wearing Jimmy Choo Hunter Wellies, cut offs from Urband Outfitters and jacket scarf and sweater from my favorite go to […]