In The Backyard

Just rollin’ ’round the back yard, with red lips is all. And I’m so paying for it with these itchy welts all over my back. I’m allergic to grass, but thought my lips would pop off the green. I’ll do anything for the shot! Hahahaha! Riri Woo is my absolute favorite red lipstick. Ruby Woo […]

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!! xx

Office Friendly Leather

Shoes, jacket, scarf and bracelet: Zara (from years past) Skirt, vest, button down, bag: Banana Republic (past and recent) Excuse my puffy face….allergies are KILLING ME!! Is leather appropriate at the office? Well, I guess so. I saw a woman once wear a leather pencil skirt. I couldn’t pull that off, I’m too curvy. I’m […]

Commander n’ Chic

If you follow the blog on Instagram and Facebook you know that my lil man Xavier underwent surgery recently. Thanks for all your kind words and prayers…he is back to his sweet bubbly self already! Everything went well and he’s in his final stage of recovery.  I’m back in the swing of things for the […]

Dark Beauty

I was a goth girl in High School….now this look is “Couture”.  I hung out with the kids who listed to grunge, rock, snuk out at lunch to smoke cigarettes….LOL!!! Oh those rebellious days. It opened my eyes to a world so unlike what I was used to. I learned so much about music and art […]