Classy Heaux


Top: BCBG, Shoe: Aldo, Shorts: Express, Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Earrings: Current Boutique

I’m going to a wedding next week that will be done in a 50’s theme…so I’m preparing for “pin up mode”. I’m always looking for ways to update my look. I’m sure the people at the office think I’m crazy….(I’m just “a creative”, that’s all). This style is pretty versatile. I’ve practiced 6 looks so far, this one was #5. Even tried a modified “top knot”. On the pout is “Heaux”, one of Rihanna’s lipsticks from her RiRi Hearts MAC limited collection. I’ve worn the “Riri Woo” before, see it here. This is more of a “berry red”. Love the retro matte finish. Much creamier, and less drying that MAC’s original matte finish. Only one left to shoot is “Riri Boy”, a pinky lavender tone.

I’ve decided to go back to school to finish my photography degree. I’m excited to be working behind the camera. Anxiety meets excitement, I’m so sensitive about the whole thing, but I just gotta do it! I feel like I’ve done everything I’m supposed to do… now its time to delve a little deeper into my passions. I can finish this degree in 1 year. By then I will have a website up and a professional portfolio I can shop around.  I feel like a girl of 19 again…leaving the nest, venturing out to make my stamp on the world. During my journey, I’ll be sharing photos shot for class. Think it’ll be cool to “document” my progress. And if you don’t hear from me too often after the semester begins, it’s a good thing (means I’m studying ).


Yan xx


Yep! In my head, I’m 19 right here. Remember that feeling? Like Wonder Woman. Hehehehehe!!






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  1. You look fabulous! I wish you all the best on going back to get your photography degree. Can’t wait to see pics!!! :-)


  2. nice hair,


  3. Tracy says:

    Cute outfit…your legs are SO toned! I’m jealous!