Dancing With Shadows {The Nutcracker 2011}

So this year is the first of many Nutcrkaer Ballets Zoë and I will attend. I thought it to be the perfect opportunity to break out my new Giuseppe Zanotti’s. These are my absolute favorite shoes….EVER! {I smell the box from time to time…am I weird??}   This outfit is kind of “costume-y” but it’s fitting for the occasion and I think I could totally pull this off for a sexy date night… Now the pink layer of the skirt was all one length but I made some slight alterations to spice it up. {Yes! I finally took the sewing machine out of the box LOL!}

Skirt: Fossil Leotard: Forever21 Belt: Arden B Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti

Would definitely hike the hem up for date night… think he’s gonna like this one :) Um… do you see the little triangle of light on my left cheek?  Rembrandt lighting with natural sunlight folks! This is the most difficult task I’ve given myself thus far. I think I was a photographer in a past life….not too late for this one.  LOL!!!!!

Giving it a twirl! Oh I love doing that!!

I really enjoyed this post… hope you did too!


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  1. I adore!!! You look fantastic girly! Ahem…pass those shoes over here please lol!

  2. Jen Smith says:

    What a cuteeee outfit!! Love the Fossil skirt and the HEELS!!!!!! I hope you had a great holiday.


  3. you look just lovely! i am loving the skirt and shoes….perfect outfit for the event.


  4. Bomb!! I used to live in Georgetown! I know the Key Bridge anywhere! Beautiful pics!

  5. Tameika says:

    i’m speechless…love it all.. u were born to do this!!

  6. A sewing machine would make my life so much easier. That skirt is whimsical…love it! Nice photos too!

  7. I love this outfit! the shoes are hot and amazing photog skills!

    i may need to ask you to sew some of my stuff 😉