Dark Beauty

photo 1photo 2I was a goth girl in High School….now this look is “Couture”.  I hung out with the kids who listed to grunge, rock, snuk out at lunch to smoke cigarettes….LOL!!! Oh those rebellious days. It opened my eyes to a world so unlike what I was used to. I learned so much about music and art and self expression. I knew my parents didn’t understand, and I didn’t always understand either. I made it through those days and here I am…again…with my black lipstick on. I can’t wait for the day…if or when my kids take this path. Self expression should be encourage and fostered, especially for creative people such as myself. To get this look you can try Make Up Forever’s “Black Satain” (here), Manic Panic in “Raven” (here), or read this post on black ‘sticks by Beautylish (here) A Matte version is the best because it stays put. No imagine a splash of gold shimmer in the middle, or an ombre effect using red in the middle fading out to black…..the possibilities are endless! I’m also wearing a tiny fluff of blush, NARS (Exhibit A) and a very very soft brown smokey eye I made with my Elf palette. I wanted to keep  the other elements very soft because the lips are so powerful. Don’t be scared…take a walk on the dark side.

Later Guys! Yan xx

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  1. Wow, you look gorgeous, girl!