Dinner At The Green’s {New Years Day 2012}** Preview

Going to a dinner party tonight hosted by a dear friend of mine… she introduced me to Hubs some 12 years ago after he pestered her for weeks!! Its a funny story actually.  Loads of laughs in store.

Here we have a few of my Christmas gifts: The mirrored accent table and rose gold watch {Michael Kors} from Hubs and the dress {French Connection} from Santa LOL (I was a good girl this past year} !!!

Off to get ready… full post coming soon.

Happy New Year!!


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  1. keisha says:

    I am so happy you came. Loved the shoes!!

  2. Sidanny says:

    Nice stuff, I really like the shoes.

  3. Oooh – I love your gifts! Can’t wait to see the full head-to-toe look! Hope the dinner party was fun :)

  4. how sweet :-) love it the watch and shoes.