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 Boots: Lauren Ralph Lauren on sale at Lord and Taylor (here), Riding Pant: Banana Republic, Sweater: The Gap, Scarf: Zara Lip Gloss: Mac LipGlass in “Rebel”

So here is pretty good look at the ombre hair. If you’re following my Instagram feed (here) you know that I did this one mischievous night in my bathroom after watching this video (here) on You Tube. I used the Loreal Wild Ombre kit. Get that here. It came out good, however keep in mind that it is bleach essentially so if you don’t have good extensions or healthy hair, you’ll be sorry! You’ll have to buy a really good conditioning mask after doing this. I’m still searching for a good one. Maybe just add some coloured extensions on the bottom if you don’t want to cause permanent damage. I still love my raven black hair and I’ll be going back to it soon.

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eq6 (1 of 1)Somebody thinks they’re cute today!

The first item I update my fall wardrobe with is a pair of boots. We all do that don’t we?  Don’t you get the boot itch right around September, then get anxious as to when the “proper” time is to break them out?  *Chuckle* I’m feeling a slight shift in my sartorial mood these days….Lux, glam, vamp, black, gold, oxblood, rock star, biker, leather, fem fetal… these words come to mind. I’m liking looks that combine vamp/biker with sheers/lace. Kinda like a bad chick with girly details. Anyway, It’s so hard to buy work and play clothes but  I made no bones about leaning toward the play side during this most recent mall haul.

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The stirrup on the boot is what makes it special to me, although I have to tell you that a little customizing had to be done. For one, there is no zipper so it’s hard to put on. They have actual ”boot straps” on the inside, which I’m guessing is used to pull them on. They’re far to short to do this effectively, but a few wiggles and I’m in. The stirrup aren’t heavy per se but they are dense so I had to squeeze them in so that they don’t drag while walking strutting. Yea, you have to strut in fly boots.  Then…I thought, I might want to wear these without the stirrup sometimes. Turns out that it’s not removable, but that’s an easy fix. I’ll have my cobbler cut it and basically make a snap on feature. This could actually fix the dragging problem I just mentioned…just by making the strap shorter. Comfy, YES! No surprise, it is a flat boot, but I have a wide foot and the leather is fairly soft so I can tell it will stretch and mold to my feet. Runs a 1/2 size big. Overall, I think they are classic and edgy at the same time…that’s my M.O. It’s a good boot, quality wise, made of “vachetta” leather…a step up from the department store types. Better to invest in a good pair…they last longer.

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Just took the time this morning to have my coffee…I mean, have my coffee, in a mug, sitting down, while enjoying small talk with the Husband before this hella crazy day gets going. Getting the 3 kids ready for Halloween, full day at the office, housework, errands….the least I can do for myself is enjoy a snazzy boot during the hustle. I need a date night sooo badly, yes because I miss him, but more so ’cause I want to take some play clothes out for a spin. Ha!

Yan xx

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