Ginger Lilly Lady


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Top: Zara, Bikini Bottom: Mara Hoffman Sneakers: Jordan Retro III (Sport Blue) Cut Offs: H&M 

gingerlilly-6 gingerlilly-2This was a day that I lounged around and enjoyed the HEAT! That lovely glow on my skin is SWEAT! Wore this “bikini” all day. You can get this top for $4.99 at Zara now! Layer it with a fall jacket or sweater as I plan to do. I wore my Jordan 3s 80% of the time. I thought they would be comfortable, but naaaaaaah!! They needed to be broken in, wish someone would have told me that.  In spite of that, I could pair them with the majority of my outfits, who knew!  Never though I was the sneaker kinda gal, but apparently I can be. I had a couple coconuts everyday while I was on the island, it’s my favorite drink. Man I could drink a gallon a day. I was at the craft market in the pic above. I went to see an artist Ras about a humming bird that had been haunting my dreams. He carved one for me. Will share a pic soon, along with the humming bird I shot in the garden. The whole thing is kinda spooky, it’s a story I must tell.

Ginger Lilies are my favorite island flower, next to “birds of paradise”. The hotel had them all over and I really really enjoyed that! Hope they didn’t mind, but I had to pick a few for my room. I got the most RELAXING massage after I returned from the market. I mean, she did the Swedish deep tissue rub for a FULL HOUR, THEN stretched me for 15 looooooog mins, all while I felt the cool breeze. I was zoning in an out of bliss and every time I came to, I saw the ginger lily bed. I will NEVER forget this vacay. Ever.

gingerlilly-3 gingerlilly-12 gingerlilly-18 gingerlilly-17 gingerlilly-20 gingerlilly-21 gingerlilly-19Time moves very slowly here…I LOVE THAT.

Later Guys,

Yan xx

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