Haute Mama (This one’s for you Babe)

Whoever said you can’t be preggers and sexy at the same time is…..WRONG! Let’s not forget how I got into this situation….ok! I’ll admit this look is a little on the sultry side, but I’be been putting Dear Husband through hell… so this one’s for you Babe (Muah!!) I’ve learned quite a lot about my “fashion self” during this pregnancy, that is, no matter what you’re going through in life, you have to stay true to yourself. Fashion NEVER works when you try to copy a specific look. Some women pull of the Boho free spirited pregnant look off really great, while others do  “prissy polished” justice, me, I’m more of a body conscious kinda gal and even if I try those other looks, you bet I’ll have to put some Yan in it. I’ve tried it all, hiding the bump, ignoring the bump…. I like EMBRACING the bump, much like how I embraced my backside in my mid twenties. LOL! I like looks that make me feel powerful and feminine. I feel soooo comfortable in this outfit, despite the stares my husband and I got while on our date :) He didn’t care, he enjoyed taking these pictures just as much as he enjoyed getting me out of this dress later that night….. We’re all grown ups here…just sayin’ LOL!!!!

So I guess I’m in the golden part of my pregnancy. My energy and confidence have returned and my hormones aren’t  quite as severe so I’ve been SHOE SHOPPING…..(what’s new??) Next post will feature my spring line up (thus far anyway:))

Dress: BCBG MaxAzria, Leather Jacket: Nordstrum, Shoes: Steve Madden, Clutch: Cynthia Rowley, Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs Sunnies: Prada, Lips: NARS (Red Lizard) 

Keep wearing your heels Ladies, even when you’re preggers- they keep your legs toned! (Just keep flats or flip flops close by, that’s all )

Later, Yan xx

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  1. you look MARVELOUS! I hope i look as great when i start having my little ones :) I love how being preggo didnt stop you from kickin the sexy look- which you did very well!


  2. Jen Smith says:

    OMG you look so good!!!!!! I haven’t been by in awhile because I wasn’t sure if you were one of those ladies that didn’t like pictures taken of them when they were preggers. I can see that is not the case and I see why. Stay fabulous. I hope you look as great as you if I decide to someday have some little ones.


  3. You look amazing. I love it !

  4. Hot Mama indeed. Work it out!! Loving the olive dress!

  5. WORK YANIQUE!!!! WEEEEERRRR-KAH! I love this, I felt so sexy and beautiful when expecting, and I work a lot of body conscious items, especially once my belly was bigger. Spandex tops, stretch pants, elastic skirts – love this look!!!

  6. First of all you look ridiculously amazing! you’re bringing me back through memory lane with my second baby! Love how everything fits and the shoes #swoooon! A hot number indeed!

    I am very happy to have found your blog you have great style, and I enjoy reading your posts! Talk to you soon!

    xoxo TY


  7. Mylove07 says:

    YOU KILLED THIS LOOK! Wow super sexy and pregnant GO YAN! Love the mixing of colors…

  8. You look amazing!!! Who says you can’t be sexy and preggo at the same time. Been following the blog for a little while now and this is my first post. Congrats!!


  10. You wear pregnancy very well. Hope everything is good on your end. Congrats again!