In The Backyard

oneJust rollin’ ’round the back yard, with red lips is all. And I’m so paying for it with these itchy welts all over my back. I’m allergic to grass, but thought my lips would pop off the green. I’ll do anything for the shot! Hahahaha! Riri Woo is my absolute favorite red lipstick. Ruby Woo is the same color, if you can’t get your hands on the Rihanna version. Picked up this dress at The Mustard Seed. It’s located in Bethesda,MD. I consign there sometimes. The front of the store is filled with new, unique designs form local and boutique scale designers. I got it yeaaaaaaaars ago, and I still love it. More prints to come. I evoked this piece and injected my spring/summer wardrobe with punchy patterns I’m dying to wear. Hope you all had a great weekend. This past week was birthday week at our house. We celebrated three; Xavier, myself, and Zoë’s. Today was the last of the celebrations. I’m exhausted and in terrible need of a manicure.  In the yard-9 In the yard-12 In the yard-11 In the yard-10 In the yard-7 In the yard-6 In the yard-5Shoes: Calvin Klein Collection 

In the yard-4 In the yard-3Practicing my highlighting/conturing. Can you tell? Since the lips are the story with this makeup look, I didn’t apply color anywhere else. I used “Format” to create the contour on my cheek and just dusted my face with bronzer. Used the Naked Palette 1 for a natural eye.In the yard-2 In the yard

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