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Saint Laurent “Jane” Sandal (buy them here)*

Gone are the days when I can spend frivolously on shoes. Ok I’m lying, let’s just say I’m on hiatus. Ballet lessons, karate camp, and baby Azara lightened up the Yan shoe fund this summer. In the meantime though, I will not, I repeat I WILL NOT turn into an Ugg wearing, flip floppin’ Mom of three. Here we have Saint Laurent’s impeccable minimal “Jane” sandal. A must have for summer. Thing is, we “middleclassisans” might have a lil problem with that $800 price tag. **breathe deeply now** Don’t fret! What happens is, Steve Madden, Zara, and all your other mall staples, send their reps to the big shows during fashion week. You can see them sketching like mad (wo)/men in the front rows. This copy cat behavior is well appreciated by folk like you and me who live in the real world. So until I make it big, or get the nod from Husband (yeah right!) I’ll be “knocking this” style courtesy of Steve Madden. Oh Marlene, you are a dream, you are a dream!!!! Personally, I like all the different colors and prints the Steve Madden version offers. Man, are they plentiful! I ordered them in this flora print. Look at that! Kill 2 trends with one shoe! Floral printed shoes and ‘the minimal sandal’. Done and done. Not bad for $100!

downloadSteve Madden “Marlenee” (get them here and see all the different colors available)**

Can’t wait to style these, I have a navy jumpsuit in mind. They are super high, and they have a good amount of padding.




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  1. Thanks, grabbing these for my wife…celebrating 15 large ones next month!!!