Lunch Date

Lunch Dtae-3 Lunch Dtae-4Oh just looking at the window washers heckle at us. Hahaha I love DC. Lunch Dtae-2 Lunch Dtae Lunch Dtae-6 Lunch Dtae-5 Lunch Dtae-7 Lunch Dtae-8 Lunch Dtae-10 Lunch Dtae-9Just a few snaps of a Pilot Suit I got from H&M. Bought it a few months back and forgot about it. H&M is a fav of mine. This is the second $20 jumpsuit I’ve gotten from there that I absolutely LOVE! Wore it out to have lunch with my girlfriend the other day. Nothing beats cheap (and delicious), greasy Chinese food and girl talk. I need more of these times. How your new year if off to a good start!

Later, Yan

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