Mint Condition

Yes, its been awhile.. what can I say? I have a pretty good excuse… Just taking it one day at a time, I’m sure you all can understand. I’ve noticed that I can basically get away with murder at my job (since I’m with child) so my outfits have been considerably more casual.  Comfort is key. Nothing makes a pregnant woman more grumpy than uncomfortable clothing. Jeans: Zara, Tee: Forever 21, Shoes: Zara, Bag: Louis Vuitton, Sunnies: Channel, Watch: Michael Kors, Necklace: Kate Spade Lip Color: NARS Funny Face

Speaking of comfort, a pair of trusty flats (Kenneth Cole) are always in my bag!

So, I’m really starting to “round out” now as Hubs says.. (his kind way of saying I’m packing on the pounds)  I’m exactly half way into my pregnancy this week… I’m doing pretty good. I gained 85 lbs with my last pregnancy… it was brutal. Needles to say, I’m not trying to top that this time around, by hey if I want a cheeseburger, I’m not denying myself. A happy mom to be makes beautiful babies, as I have so evidenced in my last 2 babies. They recently celebrated birthdays, Zoë 6 and Xavier 3! Have a look…

Such poise, such grace…. a little Yan in training :)

The rascal! Just kidding, he’s the sweetest little boy ever!

Those eyes get me every time! He turns me into mush, really!

Until next time….Yan

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