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ol-6ol-8 ol-9 ol-10olol-2ol-11 ol-12Shoes, jacket, scarf and bracelet: Zara (from years past) Skirt, vest, button down, bag: Banana Republic (past and recent)

Excuse my puffy face….allergies are KILLING ME!!

Is leather appropriate at the office? Well, I guess so. I saw a woman once wear a leather pencil skirt. I couldn’t pull that off, I’m too curvy. I’m writing this on my lunch break so apparently it’s not a problem, but if I got fired today at least I went out like this…..chic!! I bought this skirt during one of Banana’s 40% off everything sales. Listen, it was pretty close to $200 so I was ecstatic! I didn’t get to wear it because the weather has been completely bipolar in the past weeks. It’s a very light kind of leather, pretty thin and I think perfect for in-between the seasons.

Yes I switched up my hair…yet again. Let just say I “returned” to a more natural style. With the heat coming, I just decided to go with something that I don’t have to do much to. I have some of my hair out but added some extensions for volume. Next time I get it done, I’m going to go a little longer with the curls. This hair matches mine pretty much with little to no manipulation. I did a twist out with Shea Moisture’s “Curl Enhancing Smoothie” *I’m in LOVE with how this stuff smells!!. I just discovered the line when it went on sale at CVS. If you want to know what I think of their products drop me a line and I’ll rustle up a post.

This style makes me feel a bit more feminine than I’m used to…I feel like I have to smile and be “girly” LOL. I gotta come up with some fierce, edgy styles to do to spunk it up. At the office though, this more tamed version it’s totally necessary. Check my Pinterest board…” Maybe I’ll go Natural/Curly Again” for all the styles I’ll attempt. If you haven’t been following along with my ever changing hairstyles…I had a really short pixie cut last summer, got a full head of extensions in September, switched it up a couple times…went from wavy to straight, to ombre to black, to ombre again and now this. This by far is the easiest to maintain I just wash, twist (dry and pull out) and go.  All the products I use on my natural hair, I use on this hair and that to me is the best part. I honestly can’t tell the difference. The name of the company is Heat Free Hair. Best you match your hair type with the extensions.  Their website is awesome at explaining the different curl patterns of afro hair and they have a texture to correspond.  My only complaint is that the hair is poorly stocked, because of high demand I suppose. It is expensive, and the processing, shipping time is kinda outrageous. If you think you can order this on Monday and have it in time for your hair appointment that weekend, think again. This is 18 inches and it was $180 per pack (about 4oz I think). Using too much of this hair won’t work, using too much product on the hair won’t work, getting the wrong texture (if you’re going to have a “leave out”) won’t work.  Go with LESS volume, it makes it look more natural and you’ll be able to manage the styling better. Enough with the work clothes…I’m ready to play.

Later Yan

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  1. Yasmin Wingo says:

    How did you sew in…u part or perimeter left out. How many bags did you use? How do u twist? How often do u twist? At night how do u protect your twist? What’s your morning ritual like w/ this style?

    • I did a regular sew in with my perimeter left out, and a side part. I used 2 bags, but it was really close, you might need 3. I use eco styler gel (olive oil) and Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie to twist it at night and I take it out in the morning. I spritz with water and twist it every night, not too small..maybe like 15 twist for my entire head. I do them a little smaller on the top and do the back chunky. When I take them out in the morning I use one and only argon oil for shine.

  2. Very cute look. Love your hair!