Raindrops Falling on My…..


 … FRESHLY RELAXED HEAD!! Oh well. All I can do is roll my eyes at this point. I know, I know, it’s creamy crack, but I have very very thick hair, and  I just can’t deal! I tried the whole natural bit, but I guess I’m lazy. LOL! You can have healthy relaxed hair by the way, it just takes a lot of care…and MONEY, because you have to buy the very best of products to keep it up. I’ve been using Kérastase products for the past year. I love my hair now…

This umbrella should help…except, IT’S BROKEN! I was off to a bad start this morning. Can you tell?What else? Xavier threw the remote in the bathtub last night {yes a bathtub filled with water!!}, so I’m using the spare and it kinda does a shabby job. That’s why I look like a crazy person pointing ferociously at the camera. I drove all the way to Virginia for that remote. You see, that’s why kids are so cute, so when they do stuff like this…{counting to 10 in my head}.

All is well though because I love this dress!  I wore it ONE time last year. It was  lost in the sink hole quagmire I called my closet. I was on a mission to organize my closet after I lost this a few other pieces. It’s one of the reasons I started this blog.  This beauty has a nostalgic vintage feel; from the wooden buttons to the print. The fact that it looks like a shirt tucked in a skirt is so cute. All day I was hearing, “Nice skirt!” {giggle} Picked it up at Zara last fall. I’ve been giving the Jimmy Choo wellies a lot of attention, so I rolled with the fuchsia ones today :) Belt and Scarf: H&M

Speaking of newly found cute dresses…. I found the perfect holiday party dress. I.Die.


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  1. My stylist cut it in October. I was just above bsl and now I’m rocking a shoulder length bob. My stylist and I both are baffled as to why it’s breaking off and thinning. When I went in last month she suggested I start taking Biotin and gave me some Design Essentials Herbal Complex 4 to start using. Products I’ve currently tried range from Herbal Essences, Motions, and Aphogee. It seems no matter how much I moisturize it, my hair remains dry. Not only dry in the touch but in appearance as well. My goal is to retain length but I just don’t know what’s going on with it.

  2. Tasha says:

    I love the outfit!! Especially the boots!! Too cute:) My hair is relaxed but it looks nothing like yours…What’s your hair care regimen? Mine has started breaking these past couple of months. So I’m thinking I may need to change up my products…

    • Tasha- I wash my hair 2 to 3 times a week with Kerastase products. Every now and again I use a different shampoo to clarify the buildup from the Kerastase shampoo. You have to pick the one that you need, If your hair is breaking then I recommend the green bottles and the orange bottles (for dry hair) The shampoo/conditioner in the green bottles repair damaged hair and the orangae bottles keep your hair moist. Follow a three step program just as you would for your face 1. cleanse 2. treat 3. protect I use heat also so I ALWAYS use a serum (Kerastase calls it the Elixir) on my wet hair after conditioning, and daily or in between my washes. I use a glosser/oil sheen after styling and little to NO hairspray because it dries my hair out. Now Kerastase is VERY pricey, but use it to get your hair on track and then you can switch to Cream of Nature Aragon Oil products. These are a cheaper {but FANTASTIC} alternative, I use these in between my Kerastase stuff.

      The most important thing I can tell you is to CUT YOUR HAIR. I had very damaged hair and chopped it ALL of and basically started over… I get regular cuts, sometimes once a month… But I like to keep my hair short. If length is your goal, go every 6 to 8 weeks.

  3. I also love your hair. I always tell myself I would rock a look like what you have if I ever did go back to creamy. It is work, so I totally understand ya! Also love the dress, I definitely thought it was a top/skirt combo :)

  4. You look adorable!

    I can def relate about the hair situation. Judging from your pictures you must be a 4b-4c hair type- as am I. I’m currently natural and im thinking of relaxing all over again. It is sooo much maintenence and upkeep. Your pics make me miss my relaxed days :(

    • Shanna- Shanna is my middle name by the way.. actually it’s Shana-Kaye. I always smile when I see a post from you. Yes girl I’m a 4c and this is no joke! I went natural for a while, but I’m not cut out for it. I love my relaxed hair.. just have to love it up a little more.

      • How awesome is it that we share the same name {sort of}!
        Well I commend you because you look fab…and I love that I’ve found your blog.

        You werrrk it girl :)

  5. Jen Smith says:

    Do you always take your own pictures??? I have NEVER noticed. You do such an awesome job!! Lovely look as usual. AND you are from Jamaica??? Didn’t know that either. My parents are from Guyana. I wasn’t born there but I love to claim the carribean life. LOL!!!


    • Jen- I started taking my own pics with the “Steal my Heart” post. I was paying someone before that. needless to say it was hurting the pocket book and I didn’t have the creative control I wanted. I studied photography in college for a lil. Yes I am Jamaican… a die hard Yardie! I have family from Guyana too…small world :)

  6. I love your hair!

  7. I never would have thought that was a dress. It has a vintage vibe about it and I think it’s really cute!!

    I hope you plan to share that holiday party dress!!

  8. aahhh! Can I have those boots?

  9. Varbah says:

    Don’t die on me yet Rachel! But I did think it was a skirt