Rain Schoos

I can’t wait to wear these!!!!! I rushed home like a school girl and stalked my front door for the UPS man. Buy them {here}… on sale!!!!!!!! Love the leo print on the in side. There is a bit of grey in between the embossing. The rubber will lose its luster over time. You can buff it out with the boot shine sponge or spray. Get those {here} I think I like it this way though…nice and grungy. I bought a pair of grey leg warmers, think they’ll go great together. Hunter + Jimmy Choo = A Chic and Stylish Practical Weather Staple.

On another note, finally got my Nikon. I LOVE IT!!! Hope I can get out there before the fall foliage disappears.


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  1. Sabrina says:

    Thanks. Going to obsess over these 4ever.

  2. Jen Smith says:

    NICE!!!! Welcome to the Jimmy Choo for Hunter club… :)


  3. I LOOOVE those boots!!! Adding to my wishlist NOW.

    I want them in black, is it unreasonable that I already own two HUNTER rain boots??!! smh

    amazing pics, chica!

  4. What an awesome pair of wellies! I’m looking to incorporate some animal prints in my wardrobe as well. Come on, Mr. UPS man…LOL

  5. Tameika says:

    Bad; bad; bad!!!

  6. Those are gorgeous!! I especially love the leopard lining.