Red Lizard

This outfit is entirely from the maternity clothing store Destination Maternity. They have designer brands from Alice and Olivia to Hudson. The jean and tee are the “store brand”  Motherhood. Not too shabby huh? I’ve been drawn to bright red during this pregnancy for some reason… it is the year of the dragon and very auspicious year in Chinese astrology. Apparently babies born during this year bring luck and prosperity. Could that be the reason I can’t get enough of this lipstick… color Called “Red Lizard” by NARS (buy it here )??!!

Not sure if I announced it before but it’s a GIRL!!!! I tried to hold out as long I as I could as Hubs wanted it to be a surprise but I spilled the beans a few weeks back. He should be happy I can’t keep secrets from him right?? Another shopping buddy for Mom and Zoë, yippeee!

Having some trouble picking a name but so far the top runners are Ava Dior (I know, I know…. but it’s a very popular French name and it means “the golden one”  and Azara (which means “fire, scarlet”) Ysabelle (pronounced Isabelle)…. Think it over, Ava Dior or Azara Ysabelle……..hmmm. Well, as far as Azara goes, it’s very unusual and since she is a dragon baby so to speak it’s fitting. Fire represents many things like; destruction and rebirth, spiritual growth, passion, and transformation. And she’s a very lively baby already, so I thing it’s fitting, plus its a good match with Zoe, and Xavier.  Azara also means “one who God helps- in Hebrew) Ava sounds timeless….but I think its a little too old fashioned for me…Ava Dior together sounds like a movie star! …and I love that :) I love the meaning of Dior…but I’m afraid that people will tease her that she has a fashion crazed Mom…which…is kind of true.

Counting down now….about 6 weeks to go. Man, we’re almost there. I’m holding on to these last moments, trying to appreciate my cocoon of a body, although I’m VERY tired and uncomfortable. I can’t wait to meet our new princess.

Going to the beach soon….. and yes I bought a 2 piece! Can wait to share.

Later, Yan


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  1. Awesome outfit! I love the pants:)