Spring Thaw

BBHMM BBHMM-9 BBHMM-8 BBHMM-7 BBHMM-2 BBHMM-3 BBHMM-5 BBHMM-10Wearing Teeshirt dress and peplum top  from Zara (here and here), BCBG booties. I mad at the weather. Bring ya ass Spring! First time I got to really feel the sun in a long time, but it’ll be 40 degrees tomorrow or something crazy like that. I’m buying this dress in every color.  Can’t wait to wear it with my sneakers. I’v been absent lately, I feel the need to say that. I’ve been working so hard y’all. Just trying to find the right balance is all…



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  1. Topshelf says:

    Love the outfit. Where did you get the shoes from?