Sunrise Silhouette: Black +Print

How beautiful is this sunrise? I’m back to work now so…here is a “work” outfit shot at the crack of dawn….sigh. I’m not used to these hours… Pencil skirts and slacks can get a little boring, so I’m always looking for pieces I can “get away with”. I got this skirt at Zara on sale a few years back for $9.99 and I feel like $1,000,000 every time I wear it. Paired with a Forever 21 leotard, Steven boots and one of my favorite belts. I’m going shopping soon…just to spruce up the work wardrobe a bit and I’m also putting together 2 looks for fashion week. This year I’ll be taking in the “Couture Shows” at the New Yorker Hotel. (I just said that with my best French accent) *laugh*.

Zara is having an INCREDIBLE sale guys….

Yan xx

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