Snowy Roses

Funny, by the time the first snow comes, I’m already over winter and dreaming of spring… I thought I’d be wearing these jeans around March, but what the hell. The fit is just out of this world, they’re actually a high waisted skinny, but with a little give at the ankle to roll up. I saw them […]

Electric Blue!

I’ve had my eye on these for a few months and finally snagged them during the Black Friday madness at 40% off. I must say, Ann Taylor is now to offering a more fresh and interesting shoe selection.  Of course I won’t be wearing these everyday, but I took them out for a stroll with a basic white […]

Rain Schoos

I can’t wait to wear these!!!!! I rushed home like a school girl and stalked my front door for the UPS man. Buy them {here}… on sale!!!!!!!! Love the leo print on the in side. There is a bit of grey in between the embossing. The rubber will lose its luster over time. You can buff it […]