Talk That Talk

ttt1During this most recent Rhianna MAC make up madness, I managed to get my hands on “talk that talk” and “Nude” (not shown here) Now, I’m not a make up girl, but I think I did ok.  Left the eyes bare as this colour is powerful. Tried my best at a “winged” eyeliner. On the cheeks is “Angelika” from NARS and I used the “Naked Palette” for my eyes. I’m not too happy with the consistency of the lipstick, it does not apply evenly so I put on “Fast Ride” first, a shade from NARS. Very similar in colour, but it has a satin finish. Lined my lips with “Currant” (MAC).  Just one of the many ways I plan on wearing this lipstick. BY THE WAY…that fat NARS brush I picked up (number 16) IS THE BEST POWDER BRUSH EVER! It gives your face an airbrushed look, trust me it’s worth the $52. Later guys!

Yan xx

ttt3 ttt6

Everything I used for this look

Everything I used for this look


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