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23Photo by : Britney Jeanine Photography

Meet my new FAVORITE coat! (Ted Baker. Buy it here) I’m insanely in love with it  and I just might wear it every single day. That should justify the price, (yea right). Honestly, it was one of those purchases where I’m like, wait…it cost how much??!!!! Its not a dead of winter coat but I’m determined. I’ll just get a really warm scarf.   I’ve been doing this (shooting) a lot these days….and I have to warn you, the site will be going through some drastic changes, name even a name change??? (biting fingernails)  As I mentioned before I’m working on launching my photography business so I’m trying to marry my 2 loves in one cyber space. It will be a slow process and I’ll hold your hand the entire way…. (That’s really just me talking to myself). *Grin*

Autumn is drop dead gorgeous in the DMV  The last time I got a good shot of the colours was in this post quite some time ago. Hope to get a shot in this coat using that backdrop. Next post I’ll share some pictures from this shoot. Later guys!

Yan xx
2225 24Photos by : Britney Jeanine Photography

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