The Husband Shirt *3 Ways*

Hubby shirt-4 _DSC5412_DSC5411Shoes: Boutique9, Belt: Banana Republic, Bag: Zara, Watch: Coach, Earrings: Current Boutique Bangles: Madewell and Zara Sunnies: Marc Jacobs

I got through my last pregnancy wearing my husband’s clothes. Ha! Since Azara was baby no. 3, I really didn’t want to buy any more maternity clothes. I wore his sweats, “wife beaters”, boxers and my favorite,  button down shirts. I wore them to the office, to the mall and since I’ve been recently feeling pangs of “I want another baby”, I threw it on and flipped it a few times to see how I could sport it without a baby bump. There are soooo many ways to rock an over sized button down, I’m not going to stop with just these 3 styles. With the summer coming, I must remember this as a cool and stylish option to beat the heat. Can you dig it?!
Hubby shirt Hubby shirt-2 Tie the sleeves around your neck and start buttoning where it feels comfortable around your chest. Cinch with a belt. You could get fancy and fashion the knot into a bow or rose. Hubby shirt-3hs-3

This is my favorite..I wore it  to that evenings date night. I’m digging my natural hair look. I love it actually. I use guilt free styling and my hair appreciates that. My hair is naturally dry as is the case with most Afro hair. I’ve just been wearing twist outs, and using a lot of coconut oil to help the frizz. The frizz doesn’t even bother me anymore, that’s just the nature of  kinky curly hair.  Carefree for summer I say!

I wish I had more time to “document my closet” I’ve been at it for a few years now and just a small percentage of my looks have made it on to the blog. It’s challenging to routinely shoot and post, and I don’t hold myself to a schedule because I don’t want it to feel like a “job”. I really want to get a good rhythm down though because I really do look through the looks on here for inspiration and organization. I’ve been looking a different web layouts, guess I’m searching for a better way to display it all so if you see things moving around, that’s whats going on.  Click here to follow along on Instagram, where I  post work outfits, beauty (makeup looks) and other random tidbits.

Later Guys


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  1. Very creative! You look great as usual!!

  2. love this!