War haute-3War haute-9 War haute-8 War haute-6 War haute-7 War haute-5 War haute-2 War haute War haute-10Ever since high school I’ve always had a thing for fatigues and army gear. When I wear these it’s like I’m wearing war paint; tough and ready for battle. I threw on some pumps for a feminine twist, but otherwise I love to slinging around in them wearing my Js. I got these from Urban Outfitters over the summer, but if you visit an army supply store, I bet you can find a pair. These are actually made from repurposed army gear, they feel really authentic and I love the distressed details. Got the sweatshirt from Banana Republic back in the fall.

Later Guys, Yan XX

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  1. Lovely Lady says:

    Hello Yan!

    Cute tomboy chic outfit! May I ask where your pumps are from? They’re beautiful!

    • Hi there! Sorry I took so long to respond. I got them from Lord and Taylor last year. They are by Ivanka Trump.

  2. MyMyMolly says:

    Love your pants…. Both looks are super cute…

  3. winter sweet says:

    Nice and comfortable with a touch of sass. This must be army (olive) green day. There is another blog I frequent (mimigstyle). She has on green pants today also. Yanique check out her blog, she loves to sew and dabble in a little this and that. I think you’ll like it. Your lip color is nice.