Trailing Jade

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This dress….this dress…this dress!! I first saw it on Free People’s website and it was sold out. I just happened to stop in the local store at the mall and someone had returned a size (s) just hours before I got there! I plan on living in this dress this summer. First of all “Trailing Jade” was my Dear Godmother’s favorite plant, may she rest in peace. She grew it in several pots on her verandah, it is said to bring good luck and fortune. I feel lucky that I happened to find this dress in such a coincidental fashion. It is so comfortable; soft and flowy, and but the back is to die for!!! I wore it like this, kinda risqué, out to dinner for Mother’s Day. When I wear it out, shopping or errands or whatever I’ll be sure to wear an under piece for more coverage. This dress runs LARGE!!! I needed an xs and that’s usually my first choice in sizes, but seeing that its SOLD OUT everywhere including online, I had to take the small and do some MAJOR alterations. I had to cut around 5 inches off the chest panels and I really could have take a couple more inches. There are similar styles at Free People search the dress section here.jade-4 jade-8 jade-7 edit-2 jadekids-4These 3, The Trinity, they’re my everything! Hope you had a great weekend and Happy Mother’s Day to all you fly Mommas out there!!

Later, Yan

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  1. I ADORE the back details on this dress.

    Maggie A

  2. Wow, such a lovely dress and you look AWESOME!! Your kids are adorable!!

  3. flwlesslynisha says:

    You look gorgeous!! That hair is perfect! And you know y’all make some pretty babies!!

  4. winter says:

    Love you in the dress and love your hair. You have great style. Do you use any products in your hair for your twist out other than coconut oil?

    • Yes, it goes like this
      Wash day…after conditioning I seal with coconut oil, then twist with Eco Style gel (the Olive Oil one. Every night it twist it up, on the other nights I don’t twist it as small, I mist with water and twist with Shea Mosotire Curl Enhancing Smoothie. Day 3, mist and twist with water only. On day 4, it all depends on the state of the hair…if it’s dry I’ll twist with the smoothie, if not just water. The coconut oil I use in the morning, when I take the twists out and I’m fluffing the curls. I used to use the Aragon oil stuff (one and only) but I ran out and went down to the kitchen for the coconut oil! Works just as good!!