Vodka Lime Body Scrub (Lush Ocean Salt Dupe)

Lush’s Ocean Salt scrub, LOVE it, HATE the price. After reading the ingredients, I thought, “How hard it this to make?!” I didn’t duplicate the ingredients exactly, I simplified it and got the same (maybe even better) results.   My version is more moisturizing. Vodka Lime Scrub

I intended to use regular coconut oil, but this is what I had on hand. I use this cooking version because it remains in it’s liquid state no matter the temperature. Normal coconut oil will be solid (creamy) below 70 degrees.   This is a beauty staple of mine, I use it as body oil, eye makeup remover, you know, the list goes on and on… Read up on the many uses of coconut oil here.

The ingredients of the Lush version says “Lime infused Vodka” which is pretty easy to make, just steep cut limes in Vodka for 24 hours, but I didn’t do that. Honestly this was a spur of the moment thing. All I did was combine the ingredients in a 4oz mason jar.

You will need

1 Lime

3-4 tablespoons of vodka (I just used some cheap stuff, I don’t think it matters)

Fine sea salt

Coconut oil

No specific amounts really, it all depends on how much you’re making.

General Guidelines

Fill up your container with mostly salt, (leave room for the liquid)

Add the juice of 1/2 lime plus a few tablespoons of vodka (or your infusion made prior)

Add enough coconut oil to get a “spreadable” consistency

I added lime slices for aesthetics. (*Laugh* to make it I feel like I’m at a Spa)


Vodka Lime Scrub-2

Vodka Lime Scrub-3*Important to note that the consistency is easier to work with if it’s not too runny, so either limit the amount of liquids or add more salt if you over measure. I use it from neck to toe, and focus on the rough parts.
Vodka Lime Scrub-4As I mentioned previously, I got a more moisturizing effect from my version. Maybe because I didn’t use the Vodka infusion or perhaps I used more oil in my version. The Lush version rendered a more astringent(ey) feel, but I think you can manipulate the ingredients to produce the result you want (so use less oil and more Vodka/Lime in that case). I also believe that the effects are cumulative. Using it once in a while always gives me an immediate smoothness, but I find that using it ritually, on a weekly/bi-weekly basis keeps my skin in really good condition. I apply it vigorously, almost like I’m giving myself a deep tissue massage. Hope you guys found this useful. Later, Yan X

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