Where have I been?

No, I’m not dead! I feel revived actually, notice anything different? Well, I chopped my hair off last night {again}. I went about 4 months post cut and had a nice little mini almost but not quite “bob” going. I’ve been playing around with some clip in extensions and thought I wanted to grow my hair out again. Turns out…I love my short hair! Now, I’ve gotten a lot of compliments about my hair, but most people are scared to wear a look so short. It’s not for everybody, and yes you have to be very comfortable with your face, because it’s out there!!! It’s so darn easy to style and Hubs can play in it without a worry-{Hubs playing in my hair is one of my favorite things in life :) } So the pixie is back in full swing. Don’t be surprised however, if you see me rocking 1. a Mohawk, 2. dramatic/romantic 1930 era waves and or 3. A 1/2 high ballet bun (will explain later). Using my pixie cut as a base, I can’t begin to tell you how many different styles I’ve come up with… ( with the aid of clip in extensions and the right styling products).

In other news, yours truly will be in NYC for Fashion Week next month!!! I haven’t heard back as to the status of my credentials, but nevertheless, I will be scouting the streets and shooting for upcoming posts showcasing NY Fashion Week Street Style 2012. We’ll be staying at The Hudson  sans children (yippee!) I hear is quite a fashionable hotel. I’m sooo looking forward to this trip. Hubs will be my roadie, hauling the camera bag and equipment LOL! Wonder who I’ll bump into or which shows I’ll be able to attend. Listen guys, I’m having sleepless nights about this… I’m like a 6 year old going to Disney World. Many, many, many, many outfits need to be scouted for the mere 3 days I’ll be there. Anyone from NYC reading this? Drop me a line and let me know places I must visit {close to Lincoln Center/Damrosch Park}

And…… are you liking the new blog  set up? MYDC 2.0? I like this layout much better, more room, and it’s more organized this way.  The Home page is a gallery or sorts. If you hover over the thumbnails you’ll see a little preview of that post. Have a look around and tell me what you think!

Finally, Currently obsessed with my new Kate Spade quilted bag {buy it here}. I pretend it’s Chanel..LOL!!! This one was about $500, much easier on the wallet. Enjoy! ~Yan

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  1. Love the new look of the blog. Short hair is underrated. I actually think most people look better with short hair. It gives them a fresh, younger and sophisticated look but few people are willing to try it. Like always, You look great !!!

    Looking forward to seeing Fashion Week pics!!

  2. I just found your blog today!!! I’m loving it!

    Sidenote: I rocked a pixie cut for years and its still my favorite hairstyle! I’m natural now with medium length hair….you make me want to go back..lol.

    Glad I found your blog!!!

  3. Love that bag…it’s gorgeous!!!

  4. Chi Chi says:

    I love the new layout! It is very easy to navigate and makes for a quick find if you are looking for a specific outfit post. Love the hair too.

  5. Tameika says:

    Missed reading the blogs and seeing the new fashion styles/updates. I was wondering what happened!! Glad you are back! Most importantly I see you were focusing on Fashion Week!!

  6. Wow, NY Fashion week! Totally jealous and hope you have a great time there. Looking forward to reading your posts! x

  7. Jen Smith says:

    Loves the new cut and I am so jealous you are going to be at fashion week!!!! AMAZING!!


  8. Girl, I LOVE short hair!!! I just chopped mine off too, and when I did, I thought – what took me so long. It’s really cute, I love it…and that bag…and the new site design (I only visit the actual site when I comment, otherwise you’re in my reader). Love the changes! :)

  9. I sometimes wished I could go for the short hair, but the closes I’ve come is about partially ear length when I had a shag in high school. I love your hair cut and can’t wait to see that mohawk.
    I know you are going to have so much fun at NYFW!! Have you picked out your outfits yet, lol?

  10. fabulous hair!

  11. yaay! I found your blog not too long ago and was worried that you stopped blogging! I love the short hair, and short hair in general. I try to grow out my hair and I get sick of it. I love cutting my hair!