Winter Neutrals @ Golden Hour

It took me years to adjust to the winters in North American , and up until my early twenties I hated it. But then I got into fashion and I realized that fall/winter are some of the best months because you have to layer to keep warm. Just another example of how fashion helps me cope with the throws of life… LOL!  Now, today was the VERY first day I caught the “golden hour”. I get a lot of questions about my photographs. If there’s one trick all photographers use it’s this one…. Download a golden hour calculator app on your smart phone. Most of them have GPS and will tell you what time golden hour is right where you are.  Let me tell you something…. it’s almost like magic, like at this time of day a heavenly light airbrushes your skin and hair with silky golden powder. The trick is to take the photo with the light somewhat behind you, illuminating a part of your body, your hair, skin or silhouette. If you get a shot with all of these, then you have a money shot! LOL!!!!!
Coat and Dress: Benatton (Old) Boots: Zara (Old) Gloves: H&M Scarf: Macy’s (I’m allergic to this thing but I still wear it LOL!!!) Cable Tights: The Limited :{ On Sale Here!!} Belt: The Limited (Old)

Chasing the light! You see what a beautiful beam of  gold it is!!!!! You really only have 20 minutes to get the ripened part of the moment.

Look at the sun in my hair…. like tinsel!

I’m not a “make up” girl but I’m always interested in green eye shadow it seems. Here is the duo I’m wearing {Nars – Earth Angel}. Buy it {here}  and the MAC brush {here} – yes, you must use this brush… there is no other! (Use it for placement of colour and then blend with a tapered blending brush)

I posted some of these pics in the previous post that I edited in black and white.  I was inspired by Audrey Hepburn and Mark Shaw (The brilliant fashion photographer who took most of her most famous shots- he’s one of my faves)

Big ups to Ahmed “Boss Bush” Bush, the talented young man who helped out with the photos today.

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  2. Varbah says:

    The earrings are nice. I never thought I would look good in a sweater dress. But I like the way you’re wearing this. I need to try.

  3. This post made me smile! I love the cape, so classic.

  4. What a great camera trick! Will definitely check that out : )

  5. WOW! You are brilliant & FABULOUS as always Yanique! These are AMAZING photos!

  6. Cool! I never heard of the “golden hour” before, but I’ve seen it. LOL You look lovely!